Our Story

Welcome to Porch & Lemonade! Thanks so much for visiting our little site.

We’re Michael and Michelle and live in Los Angeles, California. We are originally from Kangarooland aka Australia, and moved to the US because Mike landed his dream job as an Animator at DreamWorks!

We started a blog a few years ago when we moved as a bit of an online journal for friends and family so that they could keep up with our adventures living in the US. What we didn’t expect though was how that personal blog became just as important to us. It is an online scrapbook/photo album/diary that allows us to look back and remind us of all the amazingly cool things we have done since moving here. So we like blogs.

When we bought our house we were going to continue to post about it on the private blog, but during our renovating process we found that we had no idea how to tackle a/all projects. We were constantly going online and looking for tips and inspiration and discovered that other bloggers personal experiences were the most helpful.

So instead of keeping the house blogging private, we decided to share it in the hope that someone else who had just decided that stripping all the paint in their living room would be fun/easy to do might have somewhere to go when said living room now looks like a place of nightmares.

The name of the site, ‘Porch and Lemonade’ comes from two things that are big parts of our lives in the US.  When we moved to LA we rented in an area surrounded by amazing craftsman and bungalow homes. We fell in love with this kind of architecture, particularly the wide front porches. So when we found a 1921 bungalow with a long porch, we had to give them all our money!

The Lemonade part comes from Michelle, who loves to cook. She needs no excuses to bake. Someone just mentions cookie and she is whipping up a batch of 48! Michelle is often asked for recipes from friends. So a big part of this site is to share Michelle’s cooking addiction and to give her another reason to make more food than two people could ever eat a reason to exist.