Frequently Asked Questions

Answers? Want them? Neeeed Them? Take a look at the frequently asked questions below. If you still can’t find the answer to your question (like how come a fat chance is the same as a slim chance?), then try the search box to the right or send me an email at porch&

General Policies & Stuff:

-- What’s your policy on advertising?
We are accepting pre-approved sidebar ads. However, we will only accept stuff that we believe in, love, need, think is amazing or can’t also live without unless we want to live a sad life of misery and ridicule. If your ad meets those extremely stringent criteria, then we’d love to feature it on Porch & Lemonade. Contact us about it!

Please note that we are no politicians, we have a 100% transparency policy when it comes to the site content. You will never need to worry about if we are being compensated to write about something, or if any of the content is sponsored.

-- Can I use photos or link to this blog?

Ummm – yeah! But please don’t take an entire entry. If you want to link to anything or use the photos, please credit them clearly with “photo from Porch & Lemonade” and link back directly to the specific post.
And when you do – please send us a link! We would love to see where our stuff ends up.

Want to use anything in print – please contact us first. It wont be a problem, we just want to know where and what its for and make sure we can provide you with the best quality and highest resolution photos etc. possible.

-- Will you write about my product?

We might! If its cool and it fits the content of our site. Like if you sell land minds or strange child killing chemicals or sexual toys shaped like past US presidents we wont reply, but otherwise please feel free to email us as we would love to hear about your shop/site/product.

-- Can I link to Porch and Lemonade on my site?

No. Haha… wait – I lie. Yes!! Please do! That would be great.

House Stuff:

-- What paint colors did you use in your house?

All the paint unless noted was from Sherwin Williams. Its not crazy expensive, its great quality and we love the historical collection.

- All ceilings:
- Master Bedroom:
- Guest Bedroom & Hallway:
- Study:
- Living & Dining Room:

-- How do you know how to do all this housey handy stuff?

Confession time… Mike does not own a toolkit. Michelle does. It’s pink. Removalists, contractors and other workman look at Mike with pity. And point.

So how do we figure all this stuff out? We look it up on the google-machine (internet). We find videos and tutorials and other awesome blogs and feel ashamed that we have no clue and then through trial, error, swearing and self-loathing we figure it out. We usually do test things first so we can mess it totally up and not wreak something in our 90-year-old house and perfect the process (well… you know what I mean) and then do it for reals.

We have no DIY knowledge or home improvement skills. Poo throwing monkeys are more likely to be the next Marth Stewart than we are. We rented until we got this house and the extent of home improvement prior to this was hanging art on walls. So if we can do it, so can you.

-- I just moved in with (insert person here ie. Husband, girlfriend, roommate, random stranger) and we don’t see eye-to-eye on decorating stuff. How do you deal with this?

Wait until they go out! Haha no! The main thing is compromise and talking about it. We don’t always have the same taste in things; I might see stuff (like this chair at Restoration Hardware) that Michelle hates.
So no chair for me. Sad.
But that’s OK. It’s our house, so we continue to look for stuff that makes us both happy and excited enough to want to throw wallets/purses at salespeople and take the item home forever. 

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